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Homeless Prevention Program

We may assist those who are in danger of becoming homeless. The individuals must meet eligibility requirements to be accepted to our program. We may provide help with rent, rent security deposits, mortgage payments and in some cases, hotel vouchers.


This is temporary assistance, meaning individuals have to prove that they have an income and that they will be able to pay their rent or mortgage after our assistance is granted.


Our program permits us to only assist individuals once a year and other limitations apply. Please call us to inquire about funding availability, and to make an appointment. If you are not sure you are eligible, give us a call.


Some of the documents needed:

  • Identification for EACH household member that lives with you.

  • Income verification (pay stubs, written employment verification, etc.)

  • Rental Arrears (eviction notice, landlord agreement)

  • Lease (if applicable)

For a more detailed list of required documents and to download the paper application, please click the buttons below. To expedite your application, you may bring the filled application with a copy of your documents to your appointment.  

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